In Store
For Retailers

Use your in-store retail transaction data for good

With Shoplinks, you can bring your grocery online in a cinch.

Zero Hassle

Seamless 3-week end-to-end onboarding program.

Low Cost

Enjoy a flat monthly subscription with no added fees.

Key Features

Instant enrollment

Shoppers can enroll instantly in your loyalty program by scanning a QR code

No Separate App Necessary

No separate app necessary

Take advantage of WhatsApp that is already on the phones of millions of shoppers

Relevant Promotions

Relevant promotions only

We rank and sort promotions so shoppers see only those that are relevant for them

Push, don't pull

Invite shoppers to your stores by pushing them digital mailers through WhatsApp

Personalized mailers

Every digital mailer is individually crafted and specially assembled for each shopper

Data Analytics

Understand your store sales and shoppers better through your transaction data

Shoplinks grows your business!

1.6-3X Return on Investment on Blanket Promotions

>28% Sales Lift in Value

>40% Quantity Lift in Packs

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Note: We are currently only available in Indonesia.