For Retailers

Engage your most passionate fans at scale

Every year, marketers and sales teams spend millions of dollars promoting their product. Market mix models tell us that majority of price promotions are inefficient and have low ROI, and dilutes the retailers businesses. Most are difficult to track or optimize due to lack of data granularity.

That's why we created a joint business planning platform between brands and retailers to identify opportunities to create joint value through personalized promotions for shoppers.

White-Labeled Coupon Web-app

Share coupons on your branded site to encourage users to sign up to your brand's loyalty program and send personalized coupons based on their profile and purchase data history. No app downloads required.

ML-powered Campaign Manager

Leverage data from partner-retailers to create targeted coupon campaigns that meet joint business objectives with retailer. Use Machine learning to automatically create audiences based on your marketing objectives.

Track, Attribute, Optimize.

Track your campaigns and identify opportunities to grow your brand. Do you need more users, cut churn, or grow consumption? Optimize campaigns while it's live by using big-data analytics.

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Note: We are currently only available in Indonesia.